Monitoring-analytical group «CIFRA»

A non-governmental civic organization, where its priority goal is to strengthen democratic institutions in Ukraine using systematic study, development and implementation of effective mechanisms of governing. The group is founded in Lviv and operates as an analytical center. Mission: generation of new senses through a critical reflection of the conventional wisdom and generally accepted beliefs.

Our values

Openness and transparency

Organization’s open and transparent operating is crucial for us. However, openness and transparency is not an end in itself, but an instrument to maintain confidence in the organization.


It is essential for us that the results of our work meet the highest professional standards. We are continually improving the methodology of our researches and investing in the professional development of our team.


We understand the specificity of the challenges facing the analytical centers in an environment of increasing amounts of information and open data. In this context, innovation becomes the main criteria to evaluate the organization’s success.


We are responsible for what we are doing. It helps us to recognize our mistakes, to rectify them and to improve ourselves.

Trust and integrity

We consider trust both inside the team and towards the organization to be our primary value. Most of what we have realized during this time was possible given to our trust and trust towards us.

Mutual assistance

It would be much harder for us to realize our plans and projects without the mutual assistance and support. That is why we are cultivating the principle of mutual assistance both in the organization and in relations with our partners.


Quantitative and qualitative research

To research social and political processes in Ukraine and abroad is the primary area of “Cifra” monitoring-analytics group`s activities. While studying the political phenomenon the organization develops and improves the existing ones and elaborates the alternative instruments for research. The experts of the organization employ the quantitative and qualitative methods of research.


Educational work is one of the priority areas of the Cifra Group. The organization carries out the public events – lectures, seminars, and pieces of training to present the results of our researches and analysis to target audiences. In addition to this, Cifra Group systematically arranges the academical visits of scholars from the U.S. and Canada to Ukraine.

International elections observations

Cifra Group has organized 17 international election observation missions in the countries of East and West Europe, and in the U.S. since 2014. Thanks to this experience organization developed the expertise of the international standards and practices of the elections conduction. We use gained knowledge in the educational area and also to design the solutions for the Ukrainian elections quality and integrity improvement.

Our team

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  • Nazar Boyko
  • Head
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  • Ivanna Fedynchuk
  • Deputy Head
  • (097)761-65-71
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  • Roman Sverdan
  • IT Director, Dataviz Designer
  • (063) 61-42-894
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  • Tetiana Lukeria
  • Sociologist
  • (066) 50-61-017
  • oleksandr
  • Oleksandr Tyron
  • Communication manager

Our Partners